Signature Media Group is setting new standards in print procurement management. We provide each customer with advanced technology for their procurement process management. Our e-procurement platform provides user-friendly technology to streamline the printing and inventory management process. With a proven system, used by 84 of the "Fortune 500", we are able to connect with preferred suppliers across the globe to offer the best quality and pricing the industry has to offer.


Content Creation and Management

Consistency of corporate standards is our main focus while producing and managing all printed materials.  We have established color management standards within our printing facilities across the U.S. ensuring strict adherence and consistency within corporate identity programs. 



Supplier Network Management

With corporate clients demanding better pricing and faster turn times, having technology engaged suppliers is more important now than ever before. With the vast options of print needs among our clients, we elected to create strategic partnerships with the very best printers that understand the technology part of the order and combined that with great printing operators.


Order Approval Routing 

Purchasing managers have the ability to control all order activity based on criteria such as order amount, cost center, product category and payment method.  This user friendly system also offers multiple tier approval routing if your business standard require it. 


Ordering Tracking and Management

This feature enables you to view the order process and manage its state.  This will allow you to have more control of the order process by knowing where it is and when it will arrive.  Changing and canceling orders will be easy and efficient. 

Variable Data Printing

1 on 1 marketing is a simple yet powerful concept.  By personalizing your marketing approach with variable data printing, you can reach a target audience with ease.  With out variable data capabilities, you have the ability to reach 1,000 or 10,000 individuals on a personal level by assigning variable imagery and text based on individual demographics.


Inventory Management

Keeping inventory management cost at a minimum is crucial to the success of building your business.  We provide each customer with advanced inventory management technology that allows detailed reporting on usage levels, real time quantities, and automatic notifications on low inventory points.  By successfully streamlining the inventory management workflow, Signature Media Group has saved an average of 16% for clients on processing costs.